Gerald Ford Beyond Watergate


Gerald Ford : The Accidental President 

Beyond Watergate 

Coming on February 20, 2023,  The “Randal Wallace Presents Podcast” begins our 9th season with a very special look back at  Gerald R. Ford, 38th President of the United States. He was the only man in the history of the Presidency that was never elected to either the Presidency nor the Vice Presidency.  He was the Accidental President. 

Over 14 episodes we’ll look back at his time in office that has proven to have been a time of enormous consequence. He was more than just a caretaker President. He restored people’s trust in government, pardoned his predecessor, presided over the final days of the Vietnam War, tried to get our economic house in order, and finally fought and almost pulled off one of the great political “come from behind” campaigns in all of American History. 

He was a good and decent man, and a perfect example of the qualities we should all look for in a leader. You will get to see it in full display right here in the the first 11 episodes of our 9th season as we tackle the extraordinary life, career, and  Presidency of Gerald Ford. 
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