John Jenrette & Jimmy Carter

Season Ten John Jenrette OUR CONGRESSMAN and Jimmy Carter too
South Carolina Congressman John Jenrette was a visionary leader, who had been a champion of the little man, the common man, the man who worked everyday for the chance to live the American Dream. John Jenrette was also the congressman who was caught up in the ABSCAM scandal made famous by the movie “American Hustle”  and whose wife claimed to have had a late night lovemaking session with him on the steps of the U.S. Capitol, all of it written about in Playboy Magazine. 
To those of us who knew him in Myrtle Beach, SC.  John Jenrette was our eccentric, fun loving, famous neighbor. 
It was almost impossible to grasp that 40 years ago he had once been on the fast track to what many believed was a political career headed for greatness, possibly a Speaker of the House or President of the United States. But it all went wrong and John Jenrette would never get the credit he deserved for all he had done to lay the foundation for the region we think of as South Carolina’s Grand Strand & Pee Dee today.
Season 10 is his story and the story of the President he helped come from nowhere, Jimmy Carter, a Governor from the Deep South State of Georgia, and we will hear both of them briefly turn politics on its head, before it all came crashing down for vastly different reasons.  
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