The Tape Series

Welcome to a chance to really eavesdrop on History. In this selection of episodes from various seasons of our podcasts we give you the opportunity to listen in on the conversations of the United States Presidents. Our podcast is widely considered the third largest deposit of tapes from the Richard Nixon Administration. Our podcast allows you to listen to not just the cherry picked stuff so often used in Documentaries and news reports designed largely to put the former President in the worst possible light. We let you listen to them in their entirety often. Plus, in both the cases of Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon we try to have them in the context in which they occured. When you do that you will often find a very different picture than the ones so many Historians try to place these two Presidents in. This is especially true of President Nixon who has often been so unfairly vilified. This series also features tapes of John F. Kennedy, and phone calls that will involve Presidents Truman, Eisenhower, and Hoover. We also have at least one recording involving President Franklin Roosevelt. Gathering together these recordings was one of the most rewarding things we have done throughout the life of our broadcast.  

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