George H.W. Bush The Sweep of History  

SEASON 12 : George H.W. Bush 1990 – 1991 The Sweep of History  
Randal Wallace Presents : “George H. W. Bush” a three season look back at his extraordinary life, career, and his single term as President of the United States. A term that saw the high point of American Leadership around the world as he steered the world through the fall of the Communist superpower, the former Soviet Union. It also saw the United States lead a worldwide coalition against aggression by the Middle Eastern Dictator Saddam Hussein, and setting the example on how to fight such a war with textbook accuracy, overwhelming force, with a clear set of objectives, and leaving after those objectives were met. A lesson sadly we did not seem to learn in subsequent foreign entanglements. Then we will watch the changing of the guard as the Vietnam Generation leads a campaign in 1992 to transfer power from the generation of leadership that won the Cold War. 
In this our 12th season, we will look back at the Bush Administration and the historic sweep of freedom that changed the world from 1990 through Christmas 1991. It was a historic time. We saw the Gulf War begin as Bush led a multinational coalition to beat back the Iraqi Dictator, Saddam Hussein, after he invaded Kuwait. In August of 1991, hard liners in Moscow would attempt a coup to bring down Mikhail Gorbachev and his many reforms that were changing the Soviet Union. The coup would fail but it would help launch the career of the Moscow Mayor, Boris Yeltsin. That would, by Christmas Day, 1991, lead to what had been unthinkable for the past 70 years, the end of the Soviet Union. We would also see President Bush lead the way to reunify Germany, and a fight for the future of the United States Supreme Court would erupt after the nomination of Clarence Thomas was made to replace Thurgood Marshall. It all happened without  firing a shot, which is an enormous success story for the ages. 
We invite you to come along with us on a wild ride through the high points and low moments of modern American History, in an effort to show the citizens of today that we are an amazing and resilient nation. Originally “Bridging the Political Gap” was an 11 episode series on how to bridge the political divide our nation now faces. Based on lessons learned from the World War 2 Generation of leaders who created the American Century. Over its multiple season run the Podcast has become a history show looking back at the last half of the 20th century for lessons in leadership to help us today.
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