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Randal Wallace Presents Podcast

We have had multiple seasons of the podcast “Randal Wallace Presents” so I thought we would give you a description here of each of the seasons. Then you can go over to the podcast page and look up the season of shows that you may be interested in.

  • Season One ” Bridging the Political Gap”

Series Preview
A Podcast Documentary looking at the World War 2 generation of political leadership, that spanned 10 Presidencies, and countless figures in Congress. How they worked together, both Republicans and Democrats, to defeat Communism and make society here at home more equal and just. They made America the most powerful and prosperous country on Earth and created the American Century. What can we, what must we, learn from them? Here are the lessons that have made America great and lessons in leadership we desperately need today. 

  • Season Two: “Lessons in Leadership”

“Bridging the Political Gap” originally was an 11 episode series on how to bridge the political divide our nation now faces. Based on lessons learned from the World War 2 Generation of leaders who created the American century. Leaders who made conscious decisions to look for the good in the people they worked with, to find common ground, put the country first, change with the times as needed and not question the motives of the folks they disagreed with. It was a philosophy of Governing that allowed them to get things done in the toughest of circumstances. They took the time to get to know one another and become friends no matter their party, region or stance. . The series focuses on material from the book, “Always Vote Your Conscience” written by the series host Randal Wallace, a former Myrtle Beach City Councilman, life long political activist, campaign operative and consultant. Now in its second season it continues to look at historical examples of how to bring the country together in these trying times.

  • Season Three: Lyndon Johnson and the UpHeaval of the 1960s

Season 3 of  “Bridging the Political Gap ” takes us through the most controversial period in our history other than the Civil War. 

In this season we will cover one of the most controversial an arguably most consequential Presidencies in the entire history of our nation. The Administration of Lyndon B. Johnson. 

Here is a preview of what promises to be a long, hot, summer….

  • Season Four : Richard Nixon, The Man Who Saved the Union

At the end of 1968 the United States was a country at war abroad and in chaos at home.  The  American people  were asking the same question that movie star Lauren Bacall expressed to the country on “The Dick Cavett Show”, “What has become of our country, is our country worth saving? “

In January 1969, a new President, but a leader many had written off as a failure years before returned to the national stage to prove to the nation that it was not only a country worth saving but it was still the Greatest Country on Earth. 

But it is a story that came with a high price and for the past 47 years a horribly unfair and one sided story has been promoted across the land.

But now,

Finally, the remarkable Presidency of Richard Nixon will be told, here on Season 4 of “Bridging the Political Gap” starting in October 2021.

  • Season Five : Richard Nixon : 1972 – The Foundation of Peace

The opening of our Season 5 look at the Administration of Richard Nixon begins with the signature event of his time in office., the opening to China.  It marks the beginning of a season of triumph for America and for Richard Nixon. It begins with a journey into the unknown because China and the United States had had no diplomatic ties for a quarter of a century. In fact, China had been isolated from the rest of the world for much of that time as Chairman Mao had consolidated his power.  then the season takes up all the way through the 1972 election, the beginning of Watergate and to the end of the Vietnam War.

  • Season Six : Richard Nixon – 1973 Enemies at the Gate

As we finish the first half of our series on the Nixon Administration and its place in our much larger series of shows that covered the Vietnam Era, we thought we would preview the events on the way over the next 3 seasons of our shows. This is the coverage of the fall of Richard Nixon and the scandal known as Watergate. 

It would undermine in the eyes of the American People all he had accomplished to bring peace to millions around the world and to bring peace, prosperity, and a healthier, more equal country,  at home. 

This preview we hope will leave you asking a question about the scandal we are about to embark on a comprehensive look at and that question is simply, was it fair? 

Was Richard Nixon and those defendants, tried and convicted of criminal acts in the scandal, really able to receive fair treatment in the eyes of the American people, or in the Federal Court System, and if not, is it now time to change it for the sake of a truthful and fair assessment for History. 

  • Season Seven : Richard Nixon – 1974 Through the Fire


Season 7 Richard Nixon and Watergate, 1974 Through the Fire will take you from the start of the New Year in 1974 through the March 1, 1974 indictments against the defendants in the Watergate Case. One of the 19 people named as an unindicted Co-Conspirator was President Richard Nixon.  He had been the target of the Watergate Special Prosecutors Task Force from the start. 

This is the story of how the President was named, how the defendants were indicted, and the ways those decisions were made. Using oral histories and newly released documents made available to us from the National Archives and organized in three extraordinary books written by Geoff Shepard. Our show will attempt to lay out the case of alleged Prosecutorial Misconduct so extreme that it was hidden from the public by Prosecutors, in various ways for nearly five decades. 

Here you will hear the documents, listen to the stories , and finally catch the prosecutors continuing to present a case, that at least on face value,  appears to be untrue, and the documents they had sealed, or took with them, that were unknown for years, will show it.  

It is not some grand conspiracy, as we so often feel we need to make up to explain such enormous , monumentally,  historical events, like the removal of a President who had just won a 49 State landslide. Instead what it appears we have here is a basic case of alleged Prosecutorial Misconduct just like has happened in courtrooms and legal cases all across America. 

By the time our story is through, It will change everything you thought you knew about the fall of President Richard Nixon.

We start the season August 9, and we have two special editions:  an interview with our host on Watergate on  August 4, and a special on “The President’s Man Dwight Chapin” on August 7

*** To see the documents we are using we invite you to go to the following website


  • Season Eight: Richard Nixon – 1974 The Fall and Re-Rise of Richard Nixon 1974 – 1994

Finally, we have arrived at the end of the Richard Nixon and Watergate story. Here we prepare you for the final chapters of the story of Richard Nixon’s fall. His futile fight to save his Presidency in these final  5 months of his tenure. 

But  we will fast forward a half Century for a special event of monumental proportions provided by the good folks at C-Span to kick off the season. 

When the prosecutors finally have to share the stage with Richard Nixon’s last living Defense team member, Geoff Shepard.  Jill Wine Banks and Geoff Shepard talk Watergate and we will go back through the debate with highlights, analysis, and a lot of fact checking too. 

It should be an ending to our series that will change everything you ever thought you knew about Richard Nixon and the Watergate Scandal. 

  • Season Nine : Beyond Watergate – Gerald Ford : the Accidental President

“Randal Wallace Presents “Beyond Watergate: Gerald Ford The Accidental President.” Welcome to our 9th Season of historical, documentaries, on leadership, and our first ever split season examining the period of the 1970’s just after Watergate. We will look first at the man who ended up President and was tasked with moving the country past an era of unprecedented upheaval and distrust in government.

  • Season Ten : John Jenrette OUR CONGRESSMAN and Jimmy Carter too

South Carolina Congressman John Jenrette was a visionary leader, who had been a champion of the little man, the common man, the man who worked everyday for the chance to live the American Dream. John Jenrette was also the congressman who was caught up in the ABSCAM scandal made famous by the movie “American Hustle”  and whose wife claimed to have had a late night lovemaking session with him on the steps of the U.S. Capitol, all of it written about in Playboy Magazine. 
To those of us who knew him in Myrtle Beach, SC.  John Jenrette was our eccentric, fun loving, famous neighbor. 

It was almost impossible to grasp that 40 years ago he had once been on the fast track to what many believed was a political career headed for greatness, possibly a Speaker of the House or President of the United States. But it all went wrong and John Jenrette would never get the credit he deserved for all he had done to lay the foundation for the region we think of as South Carolina’s Grand Strand & Pee Dee today.
Season 10 is his story and the story of the President he helped come from nowhere, Jimmy Carter, a Governor from the Deep South State of Georgia, and we will hear both of them briefly turn politics on its head, before it all came crashing down for vastly different reasons. 

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