Myrtle Beach City Council

2023 Myrtle Beach Race for Council Special Series

Randal Wallace Presents :  The Myrtle Beach 2023 City Council Race

Welcome to our special podcast series all week looking back at the the past two months of events leading up to the Myrtle Beach City Council Election on November 7, 2023. 

We will briefly introduce you to the eight city council candidates that have stepped up to the plate to make a difference here in our little corner of the World with a preview episode. 

They are :
Kenya Hennigan
Stuart Behar
Mike Chestnut (Incumbent)
Debbie Conner 
John Krajc (Incumbent)
Bill McClure
Myra Starnes
and our host Randal Wallace (no we are not joking)

We will also pay tribute to our long time friend and retiring city councilman Dr. Phil Render, 

We have four podcast special edition shows planned and ready to go , two centered on our host Randal Wallace’s campaign for the open council seat and two more episodes that will feature all of the candidates in two debates, one hosted by the NAAACP and another hosted by the Portside Facility at the Grand Dunes in Myrtle Beach.  While this special series makes no pretense of not being an infomercial for the Randal Wallace for City Council Campaign, we do and will attempt to allow you to hear from every candidate just as though you were there at the event as it happened. 

We also offer time over the next few days  so that any candidate will be able to rebut any attempt at the last minute, by any outside group, to smear any particular candidate, by going up with a special show that any such candidate who finds themself in that situation wants to participate in.   

The election will be held on November 7th, with a possible run off election occurring two weeks later on November 21, 2023. Our series on George H. W. Bush will return after the election has completed on November 8, 2023
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