Lessons in Leadership

Season two Leadership Lessons of the World War 2 Generation

“Bridging the Political Gap” originally was an 11 episode series on how to bridge the political divide our nation now faces. Based on lessons learned from the World War 2 Generation of leaders who created the American century. Leaders who made conscious decisions to look for the good in the people they worked with, to find common ground, put the country first, change with the times as needed and not question the motives of the folks they disagreed with. It was a philosophy of Governing that allowed them to get things done in the toughest of circumstances. They took the time to get to know one another and become friends no matter their party, region or stance. . The series focuses on material from the book, “Always Vote Your Conscience” written by the series host Randal Wallace, a former Myrtle Beach City Councilman, life long political activist, campaign operative and consultant. Now in its second season it continues to look at historical examples of how to bring the country together in these trying times.

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